Famous Copywriters

Whether you’re a copywriter or an aspiring copywriter, there are a few famous copywriters you should know. Some of these names are Robert Collier, Apryl Beverly, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, and Gary Halbert. They are all great examples of famous copywriters, and each has their own unique style.

Carline Anglade-Cole

Anglade-Cole is an A-list copywriter and marketing strategist, who has become famous for her home-run copywriting and SEO writing tactics. She also mentors aspiring writers, and works to help clients maximize their revenues.

Anglade-Cole’s website boasts badges aplenty showcasing her award-winning efforts. Among her many accolades is a bronze Nonfiction Book Award. She’s also received several AWAI awards, including the coveted Copywriter of the Year.

Anglade-Cole is an SEO writing and copywriting strategist who helps her clients to resuscitate sagging product lines. Her work has earned her a large client list, as well as the respect of her peers. She’s been called the “A-list” of the DR industry.

In addition to her writing and marketing work, she’s also a certified copywriting/business coach. She shares tips and tricks on how to get the most from your own copywriting efforts. She’s also got a lot to say about relationships. She’s been married for ten years to Mickey, a firefighter, and has four children.

Anglade-Cole hasn’t been around for long, but she’s already racked up a ton of kudos. She’s been named to the AWAI Best of Copywriting lists, and her books and articles have been read by a lot of people.

Gary Halbert

Despite serving a stint in the Florida Keys for mail fraud, Gary C. Halbert was a big time copywriter and marketing consultant. He was also responsible for a few of the most memorable sales pitches of all time. In fact, he was so good at his game that he got paid to write it. His best selling book, “Damn You’re in Charge,” spawned a slew of imitators. So, it’s no wonder he was able to make his share of the magic happen in record time. It’s a shame he didn’t stick around longer. The good news is, you can read his book and make up for the aforementioned shortcomings. Luckily, there are other similar minded copywriters on the horizon. So, if you’re looking for a name brand to build a business on, look no further than the aforementioned alums. Whether you’re in the market for a copywriter, a marketing consultant, or just looking to shake things up, you’ll find the right combination of skills at the right price.

Leo Burnett

Among the most famous copywriters in the world, Leo Burnett is known for his creative advertising. His company has become one of the leading advertising agencies in the United States.

When he first started in the business, Burnett had three clients. These were Erwin, Wassey, Realsilk Hosiery and Minnesota Valley Canning Company. He also wrote screenplays.

When he was 40, he was hired by Erwin, Wassey. They needed someone with good copywriting skills and Burnett was a perfect fit. He worked at their Chicago office for two years. However, he was tempted to move to New York City. But he decided it was too late.

Later, Burnett created the famous Marlboro Man ad. His agency also created Pillsbury Doughboy, a mascot for the food product. The character was designed by Rudy Perz. It’s been around for decades.

In the 1960s, the agency hired several black writers. This reflected the emphasis on visuals that the agency emphasized. They also included Black actors in their ads.

In the early 1970s, Leo Burnett acquired Jackson Wain, an advertising agency that had offices in Detroit and Minneapolis. They also formed a multicultural agency called Lapiz. Their client list also includes Allstate Insurance and Hefty.

Robert Collier

During his long career, copywriter Robert Collier racked up hundreds of thousands of sales on the back of his clever copywriting techniques. He sold everything from coal to clothing. He also wrote several books about copywriting and practical psychology. These contain actionable advice.

In terms of marketing, one of the most important steps is determining who your target audience is. You can use this knowledge to craft targeted messages that speak directly to their needs and wants. For example, you could offer a free Nip/Tuck or Sex and The City vacation if your clientele has a particular interest in the latter. Or, you could send out a few emails that encourage them to shop for a new pair of shoes.

The best way to do this is by studying your current customer base and modifying your messaging based on their preferences. For instance, if you have a lot of elderly people who travel, you may want to mention a nip/tuck trip, rather than a Survivor trip. This is not only a good practice, it is a great way to build rapport.

In terms of writing, one of the most effective ways to engage your reader is to use a well-constructed headline. The most effective headlines are the ones that speak to the needs and wants of your target market.

Apryl Beverly

Among the many famous copywriters in the industry, Apryl Beverly has been around for quite some time. She is an award-winning writer, and the founder of Word Stylistz, a content creation company that works with the world’s largest brands and social media stars.

The company’s flagship product, Word Stylistz, is a copywriting service that caters to a multicultural audience. In fact, it is the first woman-owned flat-rate sales writing agency, and it can help your business compete with the big boys.

As for her writing, she is known for her “tell it like it is” style of writing. Her writing has been featured in publications such as the Huffington Post and the YFS Magazine, among others. In addition to her writing, she has been an active facilitator in various training events.

Apryl is a marketing wizard. She was able to funnel two decades of marketing expertise into a 10-week certification course, the Persuasive Copywriting course. The aforementioned certification program is available in accredited colleges and universities across the country. It’s no secret that the copywriting industry is growing, and it is expected to grow by 7 percent by 2026. That’s a lot of money to be made, and it’s not hard to see why.

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

Throughout her career as a copywriter and marketing expert, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero has become one of the most famous copywriters in the world. She is also the creator of “The She Factor,” a revolutionary approach to copywriting. In addition to her work as a copywriter, Lorrie writes award-winning home study courses and offers live workshops. Whether you want to learn how to write for the web, print, or television, Lorrie can help you.

Lorrie’s clients include Mark Victor Hansen, Alexandria Brown, Shawn Phillips, and CIGNA Healthcare. She also serves as board advisor for the National Association of Women Writers and is a contributing writer for many other publications. She has written several copywriting books, including Copywriting TNT, Guerilla Copywriting, and Red Hot Copy to Woo Your Target Market. She is a contributor to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

In her early years, Lorrie moved 16 times. She had a hard time finding friends and had to learn to make them quickly. She was not popular in high school, but realized she was in charge of her own life. She started working from home and started her own business.

Lorrie has worked with some of the greatest copywriters in the industry. She is a founding member of the Red Hot Copywriting Bootcamp. Her words have sold products in a variety of industries. She also runs mentorship programs for other copywriters.

Phyllis Robinson

Phyllis Robinson was an American copywriter. She was one of the pioneers of the creative revolution on Madison Avenue. Among other achievements, she is credited with helping to put Polaroid on the map and fostering its legitimacy as an instant camera.

During the Mad Men era, she made her way to the top of the advertising world. She was the first woman copy chief at DDB.

In an acceptance speech for the Copywriters Hall of Fame, she shared secrets of her success. She said that the secret is in creating an environment of respect. It is important to be respectful to your ideas, opinions, and others. She also suggested that money is not the only thing that makes a job good.

During her career, she worked with a number of famous people. She worked with Broadway director Mitch Leigh on the 1970 musical Cry for Us All. She was also involved in numerous public service efforts. She was a founding member of Ads Against AIDS and the Media Advertising Partnership for a Drug-Free America.

She was also a strong feminist, claiming that she did not need a husband. She also earned enough to afford her own way.

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