How to Write a Tagline for Your Business

Good taglines convey the identity of your brand in a memorable and impactful way. They should also evolve as your business grows. Here’s how to write one for your business. Continue reading to learn the steps to write a successful tagline. Here are some examples:

Good taglines communicate your brand’s identity

A good tagline evokes emotion. A great tagline conveys the core value of a brand, without jargon or a cryptic phrase. For example, “the best books ever written” doesn’t really convey what the brand is about, and “don’t be that guy who says no to a good pair of shoes” doesn’t make much sense either. In contrast, “get a fresh pair of shoes at 30% off” does.

A tagline should clearly communicate the essential benefit of your organization. Most consumers want services and products that help them in their daily lives, not extra gadgets. If they can’t see how the product will benefit them, they will likely pass on the offer. A good tagline should make consumers want to buy from a company that improves their lives. It’s a proven fact that people will purchase from a company that offers a service or product that is useful to them.

A good tagline is not easy to come up with. It must be memorable, catchy, and informative. A tagline that’s too long or too short won’t catch the attention of your audience. It should also be memorable – people should think about your brand every time they see it. Whether you choose to write your tagline yourself or hire an expert to help you, a tagline can greatly impact your business.

A good tagline reflects your brand’s core values and mission. A good tagline evokes emotion and can be easily understood by consumers. It must be short enough to be read in a single sentence, yet memorable enough to stick in people’s minds. It should also be memorable enough to be a recognizable phrase, even if people don’t recognize your brand. Creating a tagline requires creativity and attention to detail, so that it’s memorable.

They are memorable

When you’re creating a new business or product, you’ll likely want to create a memorable tagline that will capture the attention of your potential customers. Whether you’re writing for a magazine or an online retailer, you should avoid overly complicated taglines. While they may be catchy, these complex messages are difficult for people to remember and may not be beneficial to your business. To make your tagline memorable, you should stick to simple words that evoke an emotion and create differentiation.

Using dramatic elements in your tagline will likely create a lasting impression. Likewise, too-clever creativity will not stick, so stay away from being too clever. If you’re looking for a professional way to create a memorable tagline, high-profile creative agencies may commission market research and focus groups to determine what people want from a product or service. In the meantime, follow the basic tagline composition process.

Taglines should also be short and to the point. A good tagline gets straight to the point about what your business is all about. It should also make your audience want to learn more about your business. When writing a tagline, be sure to match the benefits of your product or service to your tagline. This way, people will be able to remember you when they need something from your product or service. You can also use an acronym to make the tagline even more memorable.

Another simple trick for writing memorable taglines is to use alliteration and homonym substitution. The popular “Do You… Yahoo?” tagline was created using homonym substitution. “Mmm, Mmm, Good” is another classic example. This type of approach will help your taglines get shared. Incorporate it into your taglines and you’ll surely make your advertising campaigns memorable. They’ll be shared, resulting in an increase in profits and increased customer loyalty.

They should evolve with your business

When brainstorming ideas for a tagline, remember to refer to your value propositions and benefits list. As you brainstorm, be sure to think in the appropriate brand voice. You should spend some time considering your messaging and personality in Step 1. During this stage, have fun with your ideas and use literary devices. These devices are proven to make taglines memorable. Here are a few to consider:

Creating a tagline is not as easy as writing a good headline or a catchy phrase. It’s vital to research your customer base to understand what they’re looking for. Identify the problems they’re facing, as well as your unique selling point. Once you’ve done that, make sure your tagline remains consistent for at least two years, and then make some changes as necessary.

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