Top 5 Tools For Content Marketing

Having the right tools for content marketing can be vital to your marketing efforts. There are many different tools that can be used to help you with your marketing, from social media to keyword research to tracking analytics.

Keyword research

Using keywords is an important part of your content marketing efforts. Whether you’re looking to find the best keywords to target or you want to validate your marketing plans, you can use keyword research to guide your efforts.

There are many free and paid keyword research tools to choose from. Some are more robust than others. For example, Ubersuggest allows you to get keyword suggestions and search volume data. They also display SEO metrics and comparisons.

Another great tool is Google Suggest, which is a great source of keyword ideas. You can also perform searches on Twitter or YouTube. The Google Suggest tool also provides keyword modifiers.

You can also use tools such as Serpstat to see a list of the best Google results for your keyword. This is a great way to get a better understanding of what your competitors are doing. You can also see featured snippets and keyword statistics to see how your competitors are doing.

Social media scheduling

Managing social media content can be a time-consuming task. Fortunately, there are online tools available to help you with scheduling content. Whether you are a small business owner or a large organization, you can find a social media scheduling tool to meet your needs.

CoSchedule is a social media scheduling tool that is easy to use and offers a free plan. This tool will manage your blogs for your business, monitor your activities on various social media platforms, and provide reports and analytics. It also integrates with popular project management tools such as Trello, Basecamp, and Asana.

Pallyy is an affordable social media scheduling tool that is perfect for agencies or businesses with multiple social media accounts. It has a free plan that allows you to post 15 social media posts per month. You can also upgrade to a premium plan for $15 per month to access advanced features. It has an easy-to-use UI and a free 14-day trial.

Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics for content marketing is an effective way to gain insight into how your audience engages with your content and to determine which content types are the most successful. It can also help you figure out when to publish content and which channels are best for distribution. However, it is important to choose the right analytics tools and techniques to achieve your content marketing goals.

The Google Analytics dashboard is chock-full of tips and tricks. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a data scientist to figure out which ones are worth applying. The most important thing to remember is to measure the most useful goals.

Google Analytics has hundreds of features and options. You can use it to track traffic, analyze visitor data, track keyword search queries and more. You can also customize the way that data is processed, and you can apply filters to exclude internal traffic. However, you should be aware that some data can’t be changed after processing.


Using BuzzSumo tools for content marketing helps content marketers find new content ideas and create content marketing campaigns more quickly. The tool analyzes content across different types, including blog posts, videos, images, and more. The data can be used as benchmarks to improve content marketing strategies.

BuzzSumo provides users with research tools to identify popular influencers in a niche and track trends. BuzzSumo’s research tools also help content marketers determine the most effective content formats and networks. BuzzSumo can also help PR professionals find emerging trends.

BuzzSumo uses a combination of search techniques to analyze content, including blog posts, videos, images, forum posts, and more. BuzzSumo’s content analysis tools can also be used to analyze content from a specific website or domain.

BuzzSumo’s search tools are flexible and can be customized to find the right content for a particular niche. BuzzSumo’s research tools can help content marketers identify new trends and determine the online reputation of a brand. BuzzSumo also has tools to track influencers and author mentions.


Managing a content marketing team involves heavy lifting and a ton of moving parts. A project management software can help streamline the process and give your team a clearer picture of what is going on. One of the most popular marketing tools is Trello.

Trello is a free cloud-based project management software that is easy to use and has a number of features. The software allows you to manage multiple teams, create a checklist, and keep track of your editorial calendar. It is also a great way to publish revenue-generating content.

The Trello app is a great way to visualize your content marketing workflow. Using the software, you can easily assign tasks to teammates, see who is ahead of you in the game, and see which content is due in which time frame.

The Trello calendar integration makes it easy to turn brainstorms into action items and to edit drafts. It also makes it easier to get feedback and get notifications.


Using intelligent writing assistants can boost your writing quality. They can also help catch typos and errors. There are several tools on the market to do this, but Wordtune stands out as one of the best.

Wordtune is a writing assistant that uses AI and machine learning to help improve your writing. It does this by generating ideas, highlighting words and suggesting corrections. It can also rephrase text, shorten copy length and match it to your chosen format.

Wordtune’s main claim to fame is its ability to rewrite text in seconds. It also has a text expander feature, which can insert frequently used words and phrases. It is also very user-friendly, making it easy to use.

Wordtune offers a free trial, so you can try it out before you buy. It works in a variety of writing platforms including Word, Google Docs, and Gmail. It can also help you produce better content for your website, social media posts, and emails.

Loom & Loom

Managing your knowledge base is one of the biggest challenges companies face today. As your business grows, it becomes harder to keep up with your internal documentation. Loom is the perfect tool to help you maintain your company’s internal documentation and knowledge base.

Loom is a cloud-based video editing platform that allows users to record, edit, and share videos online. The platform also offers a suite of features that enhance your videos. You can use Loom to create branded videos, explain your products, or share your own videos.

Loom offers a library of templates to help you quickly create videos. The platform also allows users to upload their own images and videos to cloud storage services. You can also use Loom’s custom onboarding to provide your employees with a smooth start to their Loom experience.

Loom also makes it easy to collaborate on ideas and designs. You can share a video with your team to discuss the concepts behind the video, or you can create a walkthrough of a creative brief.


Using Unsplash tools for content marketing can help your business stand out from the crowd. The free image library provides high quality images. They also provide social contact data. They have an ever-growing library of images, with more than 2 billion photos in the database. They have a great search engine.

Unsplash also offers a feature that allows you to search for images by keyword. This is a great way to find the perfect photo for your blog or social media post. You can also add tags to images to improve their searchability.

Unsplash offers an ad revenue model that lets advertisers pay for images that are distinctive and relevant to their target market. In addition to paid ads, Unsplash offers a free starter pack for up to 30 searches per month. You can also upload photos, add captions, and edit the visuals to match your brand.

Although Unsplash does offer a free subscription plan, there are more effective ways to benefit from its services.


Whether you’re a blogger or a marketer, DrumUp content marketing tools can help you reach your audience across social media. These tools are designed to streamline the entire content curation process. They mine tons of web content for fresh content and recommendations, then deliver that content to your social media streams.

If you’re a blogger, you know that the process of curating content can be difficult. You can’t always find the right content. It’s also difficult to track how your posts perform. With DrumUp, you can schedule and publish your content directly from your browser. It’s a great way to save time.

With DrumUp, you can schedule content, customize your posts, and save it to a library. It also allows you to schedule content from RSS feeds and favorite blog feeds. You can also add images and emojis to your posts.

Creating blog posts is a cost-effective way to promote your business. Blogs are great for driving organic traffic. They also give you a platform for potential clients. With DrumUp, you can schedule your blog posts to be published at the best times your audience is most likely to notice them.

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