How to Improve Your Online Writing Style

You can easily tell your online writing style by the tone you use on your emails and on your social media sites. If you prefer a more formal tone, you should use it. Otherwise, a more modern tone is suitable for freelance writers and small business owners. If you are posting articles on social media sites, you should adopt a more informal style to convey your message. However, if you are not sure about your writing style, you can start practicing in a simple way.


Unlike other forms of written communication, texting and tweeting have very limited space. Because there are only so many characters on a text, users are forced to use abbreviations and shortened sentences to get their point across. Texts are, in essence, informal spoken conversations in written form. They lack the urgency and clarity that more formal writing styles entail. However, they are an acceptable choice for short, quick communication.


You’ve likely heard of emailing, but how do you make it effective? Emails have the potential to be effective and useful for both business and pleasure purposes. The best way to make an email work for you is to follow a few simple steps. Keep in mind that your subject line should be as eye-catching as the content it contains. Make sure it is relevant to the recipient’s interests, but not too much so that your email is not considered clickbait.

Write intelligently. Avoid using big words and stick to a direct, concise style. Be sure to anticipate your reader’s questions and address their concerns. Always assume that your reader is busy, and that they appreciate compliments and praise. Try to avoid jarring them with too many words or a large block of text. Regardless of the audience, remember that emailing is a form of online writing. Be a professional and consider the perspective of your reader before putting pen to paper.

Remember that your email is not a text message, and your audience will not have the time to read an email that is a thousand words long. Try to stick to three or four short paragraphs for maximum impact. Proofread your email for errors before sending it. It is better to spend time fixing mistakes than rewriting it. Then, you’ll be able to get your point across in fewer words.

Posting comments on social media sites

When posting comments on social media sites, a good online writing style is essential to keep your readers interested and to keep their attention. A strong social media post is not only informative but also catches the reader’s attention. There are many tips to follow when writing for the internet. Here are some tips that can help you make your social media posts stand out from the crowd. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when writing for the internet.

First, the online writing style for posting comments on social media sites is slightly different to that of other forms of writing. When writing for these platforms, use MLA format. List the name of the author, which is often the account name. Next, list the title of the material, as this will be the one that the user reads. Also, if the content is a video, you can list the hashtags and mentions in the caption.

Twitter is for the old

One reason that many writers turn to Twitter for a fresh new online writing style is its 140-character limit. While this limits the length of each tweet, it encourages brevity, allowing you to say exactly what you want to say without the need to include extra material. For example, you should never spell out RETWEET, but instead use single quotes. AP Stylebook has daily tips for proper grammar and usage, as well as tips for making your tweets interesting.

If Twitter were a new platform, writers would already be using it. A few of the biggest names on the web still have Twitter accounts and use the social network daily. This means that writers could also publish long-form articles on Twitter. While it is generally bad to be early to a new content platform, this is not the case with Twitter. News-Break-My-Nuts didn’t succeed because it was too early.

In order to create a shareable thread, you need to craft a message that is worth reading. After all, no one will read your post if nobody sees it. With over 500 million tweets posted every day, it can feel like you’re tweeting into the void. The more people see your post, the better. Fortunately, Twitter has made the process easier by creating a new composer screen that makes multi-tweet posts even more efficient. Multi-tweet posts, or tweetstorms, are a good way to get attention.

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