How to Write a Great SEO Case Study

An SEO case study can accomplish a number of important goals for a company. A strong case study can show how other clients have benefited from SEO, and how your expertise can benefit your own clients. Here are some tips for creating a strong SEO case study. Read on!… and enjoy! But first, let’s look at what the purpose of an SEO case study is. Why would a business need one? How does it benefit the client?

Tharawat Magazine

With over one thousand articles published, the enterprise website has the potential to attract more organic traffic. The SEO case study presents an example of integrating SEO into editorial workflow. The content-rich publication had not been fully utilized in the past, but by using SEO strategies, it has successfully increased organic traffic. The magazine has seen an accelerated traffic increase of over 321% in just 5 months, and organic traffic has increased by six percent each month since.

An online technology stack tool is a good way to uncover the current technology stack of a website. This tool will reveal the five most common technologies used across customers and can be easily found on any website. Tharawat Magazine has a team of decision makers who can be easily identified through Linkedin or other profiles. This information can be acquired within thirty seconds. An employee’s biography is also available on their website, so a deep dive into the company will reveal their expertise.

Gadget Flow

Founded in 2012, Gadget Flow is the leading product discovery platform for people who want to stay updated with the latest gear, tech, and crowdfunding campaigns. The company aims to make online product exploration easier and more enjoyable for consumers by incorporating the latest technology. It has more than ten million monthly visitors and continues to grow its audience by reaching more than 28 million visitors a month. In this SEO case study, we will discuss how Gadget Flow increased organic traffic and visibility through an effective search marketing strategy.

In this SEO case study, Gadget Flow used WordLift to create a knowledge graph and improve overall SEO. By adding structured data to their content, they increased news article and review traffic by 198% and 100%, respectively. By focusing on high-quality content, Gadget Flow is able to generate more qualified leads and rank higher in search results. It also provides readers with relevant information. Ultimately, this leads to a more efficient and profitable business.

UAV Coach

SEO case study for UAV Coach demonstrates how long-form content can generate recurring traffic and conversions. UAV Coach specializes in the commercial drone industry and was looking for a way to increase visibility and capture more leads. Robbie Richards worked with Alan to design an SEO strategy that focused on creating evergreen content. Long-form content not only provides more exposure for the website, but also builds a database of email addresses which generates quality leads for the business.

Alan Perlman founded UAV Coach in order to build a business around his hobby. He had to generate repeat traffic and generate leads to maintain growth. After establishing a solid foundation of website content, the next step was to build an audience for his business by creating engaging and relevant content. In the process, the team at SEO case study for UAV Coach created a unique marketing strategy, aimed at positioning the company as a leading drone expert in his field.

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