How to Keep Copywriter Prices Down

Copywriters can be cheap or expensive depending on a few factors. Word count, Experience, and location are some of the most important. Rush fees are also a consideration. Make sure to check these things out before hiring a copywriter. These factors affect copywriter prices, and they can greatly impact the quality of your project. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep costs down. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some tips for finding a good copywriter.

Word count

One of the ways to set a copywriter’s price is to pay by the word. This seems fair because you can be certain that you are paying for the precise amount of work they provide. However, this method can also result in uninteresting, unconcise texts. Because writing is all about scrapping, copywriters often write more than what they are paid for. If you’re hiring someone to write for your company, you should always ask how they calculate their prices.

Many copywriters charge by the word. As a result, you should be aware that a thousand-word article will cost more than one of a thousand-word article. Copywriters who charge by the word also typically take more time to write. For this reason, copywriter prices include word count as a factor in their pricing. Remember, though, that while writing a lot of words is easy, cutting them down to a high-quality length is difficult, time-consuming, and can be detrimental to the quality of the copy.

Copywriters’ rates vary depending on their expertise, experience, and the type of project they’re working on. Generally, a 1,000-word blog post on SEO is easy to write, but a 1,000-word ad for a biochemical engineering firm requires more work. Typically, a company will hire a copywriter with specific industry experience, but this will not necessarily increase the copywriter’s rate.


Copywriter prices differ according to location. London copywriters will be more expensive than those in Sheffield. Moreover, freelance copywriters will specialize in one particular industry or niche. For example, someone working on B2B inbound marketing will be more expensive than one focusing on B2C email marketing. However, prices do vary according to experience and specialisation. Moreover, geographical location also plays a role. Copywriters who operate from London or Sheffield will charge a different price for similar work.


When deciding how much your copywriter should charge, you’ll need to understand how they make money. There are three common pricing methods. You can charge per word, by the hour, or as a flat project fee. Freelance writers usually prefer the per-word pricing method, but you may choose to hire someone with more experience for a set price. Some copywriters charge royalties for each new customer they refer to them.

A copywriter’s experience and specialisation are two key factors influencing their rates. The longer they’ve been in the industry, the higher their rates. Experienced copywriters are likely to charge more per hour, so the more you can pay them, the more work they can do. It is a good idea to research copywriter rates and compare them with similar companies before selecting the copywriter you want. Make sure to discuss any background information and project specifications with the copywriter you hire.

Before hiring a copywriter, consider the deadline for your project. Many copywriters book weeks in advance. They have to reserve their bandwidth and mental space for other clients. If your project is time-sensitive, they may charge you a 20% to 30% surcharge. Generally, a copywriter will charge double or triple their normal rates for rush jobs. If you need the copywriting service right away, there are ways to meet this deadline.

Rush fees

The definition of a “rush” differs from business to business, so the right amount can vary as well. In general, a rush job is something that needs to be done within 48 hours, excluding weekends. However, some businesses don’t charge rush fees for various reasons, including mismanagement of schedules. Rush fees are generally higher than usual, and it is important to note that on your invoice. If you don’t charge rush fees, let the client know that you’re not charging the rush fee, as it will help the client appreciate your favor and ensure that he or she does not request a job in a hurry.

In most cases, a rush fee can be waived in certain circumstances. In some cases, the rush fee can be waived if the client has an existing relationship with you. However, charging for a project in a hurry could have an adverse impact on your client relationships. Moreover, charging for a service that’s already been provided may not be well received by your current clients. Therefore, if you want to avoid being sued, it is necessary to be transparent about the fees you charge.

The rush fee applies when your project is urgent, and good copywriters are booked months in advance. Therefore, you need to book your copywriter as early as possible to guarantee a good copy. However, there are certain circumstances that might make your project a priority. For example, if you need the copy for an article in three weeks, you should consider a rush fee. In such a situation, you can choose a cheaper copywriter, but you’ll be paying a heavy opportunity cost in the long run.

Industry background

It’s not surprising that copywriter prices vary depending on the industry and niche, but you should take into account your budget. If your business requires highly regulated copywriting, or you need a specialist in a specific field, you’ll need to pay a higher rate. A specialist can provide you with a better return on investment than a generalist. Listed below are some common factors to consider when determining a copywriter’s price.

Type of work. The type of copywriting you need can influence the cost of a professional. For example, if you need highly technical products sold to engineers, you should choose a specialized copywriter. Because specialized copywriters understand a particular product, they spend less time researching and understanding it, making them a more efficient choice than a generalist. If you’re not sure whether you need a specialized copywriter, you should consider hiring someone who’s familiar with the product. This will ensure they are a good fit for your business.

A copywriter should be compensated fairly. Copywriters charge by the project, not per word. The experience, industry knowledge, and expertise required to create effective copy are valuable assets. It is important to pay a fair price for quality content. If the content is of high quality, your marketing agency will recognize that it is worth the cost. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your content is of the highest quality possible.

Project size

Copywriter prices are dependent on the size and complexity of your project. SEO-friendly copy begins at around $100 per 800-word page and increases from there. According to a recent survey conducted by ProCopywriters, half of all copywriters charge a flat rate for projects, while the remaining 47% charge by the hour. If you need copy for an important business document, the size and complexity of your project will determine how much you pay for copywriting services.

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