How to Find Freelance Technical Writing Work

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If you are interested in a career as a technical writer, you may be wondering how to find freelance work. Luckily, there are many opportunities for technical writers, and these opportunities can include both full-time and freelance work. As a freelance technical writer, you can work from home and set your own schedule, so you can be your own boss! In this article, we’ll cover some tips for finding freelance work as a technical writer, including the Job Description, Skills required, and Clients that pay well.

Job description

A job description for technical writers requires that they have a solid understanding of the subject matter. Whether writing for a website, a technical manual, or a software program, they should have a basic understanding of the subject matter and be able to work effectively with an internal team to make the content easy to understand and implement. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent and a thorough understanding of coding languages. Most technical writing jobs require that writers have some experience in web-based technologies.

The job description for a technical writer should highlight the salary and benefits. It should also include the type of work performed and the location of the job. In addition to writing about technical subjects, a technical writer should also have knowledge of user experience, scripting languages, and learning management systems. A technical writer should have the ability to quickly research and understand new technologies. By knowing these things, they can write a technical job description with clarity and effectiveness.

If you’re interested in learning how to write for different industries and businesses, consider a job as a freelance technical writer. Many industries involve tech, but not everyone has a background in that area. This gap between the technical aspects of a product and the people who use it can make quality experiences difficult. Technical writers are able to bridge the gap between the two groups, translating complex information into easy-to-understand language that is understandable to the masses.

A Technical Writer may also find work writing SOPs, which are detailed step-by-step instructions for a business. These documents are used to improve a business’s efficiency and consistency. SOPs can outline everything from client onboarding to restaurant closing to testing alarm systems. SOPs are used in businesses of all sizes, and technical writers who specialize in writing SOPs can find plenty of work in these fields.

There are many ways to land a technical writing gig. Interested individuals can approach colleges and universities for placement assistance and browse online job boards for opportunities. Additionally, they can approach manufacturers directly to learn more about their openings. In addition to social networks, technical writers can find work through outbound contact strategies. To gain a foothold, reach out to your existing professional network and look through job boards. Make a list of the clients you’d like to work with.

Skills required

Many writers are intimidated by the prospect of working as a technical writer. Many think that they need specialized skills or a degree in the high sciences to be successful in this line of work. However, technical writing is far from the only genre in which a writer could succeed as a freelancer. Rather than relying on their writing skills, these individuals should invest time in developing their business and marketing skills. Below are some of the most important skills that technical writers should possess.

Critical thinking is another critical skill for a technical writer. The ability to evaluate complex topics and information critically is crucial for success in this field. You’ll need to make clear judgments and analyze information before crafting content. This is a skill that can only be acquired through experience. While technical writing requires an understanding of different technologies, it does require an understanding of the various aspects of their application. The ability to think critically is an important skill for a technical writer freelancer.

As a freelance technical writer, your goal should be to create a solid portfolio of work. This can be accomplished by writing articles for well-known websites or blogs. You should also attend conferences and networking events in your field, as these opportunities will help you advance your writing skills and build your profile as an industry expert. Also, consider joining online groups and forums related to the field of technical writing. Once you’ve gathered enough contacts, you can pitch your services and negotiate rates.

Interviewing people is another important skill for technical writers. Interviewing experts and understanding their knowledge is essential for getting the right job. Interviewing people and communicating with them can help you translate their expertise into layman terms. This can make all the difference between landing the perfect job or being ignored by a prospective employer. Likewise, technical writers often write for non-technical publications, such as fashion magazines. But to succeed as a technical writer, you need to write outside your comfort zone.


If you’re an aspiring technical writer, you might be wondering how to get your foot in the door. The first step is establishing a strong social network. LinkedIn, Quora, Medium, and Reddit are great places to showcase your skills. If none of these work, you can also consider outbound contact strategies. This can include reaching out to your current professional network and browsing job boards. Once you’ve established a list of potential clients, you can begin the process of contacting them and seeking out projects.

Once you have a client, you should negotiate your rate. For highly technical projects, you may want to price per word or per hour. Before negotiating, you should know the average rate for similar projects. Before negotiating, determine the minimum rate you can expect to charge. Always prepare a contract for any project you do as this protects both parties. Make sure to specify the scope of work, content ownership, deadlines, and revision policy. Some clients may require non-compete agreements and confidentiality clauses.

Another great perk of working as a freelancer is being able to work from home. Technical writers who are freelance can work in different industries. It allows them to be more flexible, and they can also work on their own time, allowing them to pursue topics of their interest. In addition to these perks, technical writers can earn significantly higher than the average freelance writer. General freelance writers make about $61,935 per year, while freelance technical writers can earn up to $71,192 a year. This is an incredible salary, especially when you consider the fact that you’re not putting in regular hours or a set schedule.

If you’re a technical writer, you should know that it takes time and patience to write and edit a piece of content. Technical writing requires thorough research and careful editing skills to ensure it is suitable for the target audience. You should also have strong research skills. In this line of work, you’ll need to gather a lot of technical information, conduct user testing, and research. In addition, you should have analytical and critical thinking skills.


There are many ways to earn money as a technical writer. You can freelance, contract, or even work as an employee. This gives you flexibility to choose the projects you want to take on. Technical writers enjoy a promising career outlook: the number of technical writing jobs is projected to increase by 7% between now and 2029. Freelance work is also a great option for technical writers who prefer to work independently. Upwork, for example, is a great site for freelance technical writers. Most technical writing jobs there are worth $25 to $150 per hour.

When looking for freelance work, make sure you have a portfolio to showcase your skills and experience. People often specialize in one industry or subject matter than others. To stand out from the rest, choose a field that you are passionate about. By creating a portfolio, you’ll be able to sell yourself as an expert in many different areas. You can also browse job boards and reach out to your professional network. Make a list of potential clients and target them with your portfolio.

Another great field for freelance writers is the gaming industry. As an expert in the gaming industry, you’ll need to conduct extensive market research. This will help you craft outstanding copywriting. These content materials help customers and potential buyers achieve their goals. Another great option is gaming, where a technical writer must write game rules to help competitors play the game by the rules. This type of writing is very important to the industry, since it sets the bar for success.

Once you’ve found a client, you’ll need to negotiate on a rate. Technical writing is more complex than most types of writing, and freelancers who are more specialized in the field can command a higher rate. Rates on Upwork for technical writers vary from $15 per hour to $125 per hour. The rate of each freelancer varies greatly, but most work falls between $30 and $60 per hour. The rate is often determined by the content and the time required.

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