How to Use Content Marketing Tools to Elevate Your SEO

In this era, the virtual world is overflowing with tons of content, so it is imperative to stand out from the crowd by using content marketing tools to elevate your business to the next level. In this article, I will briefly describe a few of these tools, which can help you maximize your business’s reach and boost your SEO. Listed below are some of the most useful ones:


BuzzSumo tools for content marketing are a great way to find out which content on your competitors’ websites is generating the most buzz. The tool allows you to sort by post type, social networks, and total number of shares. With the help of BuzzSumo, you can create viral content that will get you more traffic and leads. BuzzSumo will also help you find the perfect formula for content that will get you backlinks.

One of the most important pieces of content marketing is defining your target personas. If you can match up the right content to your target personas’ needs, your marketing efforts will be more aligned with your business objectives. You’ll be more likely to create content that addresses their problems and answers their questions. BuzzSumo tools for content marketing can help you find what works and what doesn’t, based on how other people share the content.

Another tool that helps you discover what content is trending is BuzzSumo. This cloud-based platform provides social media analytics and content insights. BuzzSumo can help you discover what topics to write about, identify influencers in your industry, and find out which articles are being shared the most. You can even schedule your content across multiple social media accounts. The BuzzSumo tools can help you create a content marketing strategy that’s based on data and trending topics.


To begin with, you can schedule posts in Hootsuite. You can create an account for free and schedule up to 30 posts per day. A paid subscription provides unlimited scheduling. The tool also includes a Content Calendar, which shows when posts should be scheduled and where gaps should be filled. Paid accounts also get the Auto-schedule feature, which automatically schedules posts based on an algorithm.

Other tools in Hootsuite allow you to monitor your social media content. You can track and join discussions about your industry. You can also see which of your posts have received the most response. You can even see how well your team is responding to audience comments and reactions. All of this can help you create better content and boost your business’s reputation. Using Hootsuite tools for content marketing can help you create and distribute content that is relevant to your audience and provides great results.

A content library is another useful tool in Hootsuite. It helps you to create and manage content, and it also allows you to block the online presence of your competitors. It will help you acquire targeted traffic, new leads, and customers. Moreover, the Hootsuite content library allows you to create custom forms, tag assets, and set expiration dates. Hootsuite offers a tutorial on how to use its tools.

Link prospector

Content marketing can be difficult if you don’t know how to find broken links. Fortunately, there’s a tool for this! Link Prospector will run Google queries and bring up pages containing the keywords you want to target. It’s easy to filter out websites with duplicate listings or ones with few or no citations. It can also save your time and allow you to run an unlimited number of prospect projects at once.

Link Prospector allows you to create new reports, and you can even filter them based on specific criteria. This can help you target only the sites that have relevant content to your niche. You can use the tool to find content promoters and link pages, as well as offer your writing services or goods in exchange for coverage. This can help you reach out to influencers and earn a high-quality backlink.

Another feature of Link Prospector is its ability to automate the process of finding and reviewing link prospects. This can save you hours of manual work. For a one-time fee of $2, you can get a list of 2000+ prospects. Link Prospector is also useful for international link building, as it offers support for local queries and fully translated versions. There’s no need to manually search thousands of URLs.


Content marketing automation is easier than ever thanks to BuzzStream tools. The system can automate outreach, guest blogging, influencer marketing, and link building. BuzzStream also provides detailed reporting and performance metrics to make your campaigns more effective. You can quickly identify and eliminate content marketing mistakes with these tools. They help you get the word out about your business and boost your brand’s popularity. Read on for more details. Listed below are some of Buzzstream’s best features:

Professional Plan: This plan features advanced analytics, customization, API access, and personalized support. The Buzzstream professional plan allows you to reach 100,000 prospects. For six users, it costs $299/month and $50 per user. The Buzzstream Custom Plan costs $999/month for 15 users and includes 300,000 contacts. Getting started with Buzzstream tools for content marketing is easy. Start using them today and see how successful they are for your business!

Templates: When you’re creating content, BuzzStream makes it easy to keep track of your links. It offers dynamic fields such as first name and email address to track and manage your content. It also includes a link building feature that automatically adds new link prospects to your CRM. If your content is valuable to your target market, Buzzstream can help you reach them by email. Its automated tool even helps you create and share your best blog posts with your audience.


When you are ready to delve into the world of content marketing, you should take advantage of the Canva tools available for your business. This design-oriented tool has a host of features that can boost the effectiveness of your content. You can use it to enhance the overall appearance of your content and showcase your brand’s personality. Additionally, it will enhance the ROI of your business. While this tool is designed for non-designers, its professional features rival those of Adobe Photoshop. In fact, Canva has over 10 million users.

With its drag-and-drop functionality and search features, Canva is easy to use and makes it possible for anyone to customize the look of their images. With the ability to change fonts, colors, and other image elements, Canva can make your content look more professional. Its easy-to-use design editor lets you add text, logos, and other elements to your images. It even offers hundreds of fonts so you can make any design you want.

With its user-friendly interface, Canva allows marketers to create graphics that can be used across multiple marketing touchpoints. One design can be reused for multiple campaigns, and with a few clicks, you can change the size of an image for Instagram Stories. If you want to create a poster to advertise a special offer, you can use the resizing features to quickly make it a fit. This saves your marketing team time by eliminating the need to create individual designs for every medium.


If you’re in the SaaS business, you need a proper marketing strategy and marketing analytics tools to get the job done. Traditional marketing methods don’t work with SaaS products because users have different needs and preferences. Marketing analytics tools like HockeyStack help to streamline your marketing efforts and make them more effective. They can be installed in minutes and offer an end-to-end analytics solution. With no setup required, HockeyStack can analyze your marketing data to determine which strategies work best.

The platform can help you measure customer satisfaction and experience, including lifetime value, churn, and revenue. HockeyStack’s analytics tool enables you to analyze your marketing performance with UTM tags and create funnels for different campaigns. You can also view your referrer table and track your paid advertisement goals. This feature is free on the free plan. The paid plans include a 14-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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