Best Landing Pages Examples

The best landing pages examples will include a simple design without distracting elements. They will focus on a specific call-to-action or action, and should eliminate elements that don’t support this action. Some of the best examples are from industries unrelated to yours, such as a gym’s landing page. Notice how consistent these pages are and how they clearly state their call-to-action. These pages may have a different look and feel, but they are similar in their overall theme.

CTA button

When creating a CTA button, it’s critical to write compelling copy that describes what will happen when the button is clicked. A generic “Submit” or “Click here” does little to define what your visitors should do after clicking on your button. If you need a little more help deciding what to write, consider adding supporting information beneath or inside the button. These small paragraphs should not be more than a sentence long and should be easily read by the end user.

You can also use the AIDA approach to write compelling headlines and compelling copy. This method will encourage visitors to take action by building desire. Then, use a color that stands out from the rest of the page. For the best results, you should use a color that contrasts with the background color of the page, such as white. It will also help make the button stand out more when compared to other elements on the page.

A CTA button can link to all the necessary information for prospective buyers. It should include information about the product or service, such as price, variations, shipping time, and arrival date. It should also include payment methods. Finally, it should direct visitors to the product. These elements will help you get a better conversion rate. If you’re unsure of what to write, try these best landing page examples with CTA button.

You can also use the CTA button to make your page more persuasive. For example, if you sell books, consider offering free resources to encourage readers to download the book. A CTA that invites visitors to download activity pages is also an effective choice. In addition, Suvi includes a second CTA in the footer for visitors who scroll down the page. This way, your visitors are more likely to be convinced to buy your book.


Some of the best landing page examples use images as their headlines. For instance, the Lyft landing page uses images as its headline. The Lyft landing page emphasizes a positive atmosphere, and its main focus is attracting new drivers. It promises drivers flexibility, and has a wide range of services to offer. For example, Lyft has used many different landing page examples over the years. The company has become so popular that it is a prime example to follow.

Another example of a great subheadline is the one from the Small Fish landing page. The two headlines follow each other naturally, adding context to the headline. The headline should grab the reader’s attention and create curiosity, and the subheadline should add additional information. Unlike other landing page examples, Small Fish also keeps the top navigation clear, which is a key element of Google Adwords compliance and trust-building. It also includes a phone number on the page.

While landing pages are unique, they must be in alignment with the rest of your campaign. The headline should be compelling and address the pain points of your audience. If the headline is unclear or poorly written, your audience will click away forever. It is important to remember that the headline is the first thing your visitor will see when they land on your page. Your subheadline should address these pain points and make it clear that you’re the right person to help them.

Another way to make your headline stand out is to include a comparison table of products. This is important because people skim pages rather than reading them and may not click on every link. A comparison table is also a great way to attract visitors and convert them into customers. It’s also important to incorporate a call to action, since that’s what will make the page a success. Once your headline is strong, your subheadings can follow.

Call to action

There are many different types of call to action landing page examples, from big name brands to the simplest ones. Check out the examples below. If you want to create a call to action landing page, you’ll want to match the design and messaging to your product. Some examples include Awayco’s example. This company’s call to action changes throughout the page. It starts with “free the funk,” then changes to “book a board,” and finishes with “I’d like to ride that!”

The call to action on Digital Marketer’s Traffic and Conversion Summit landing page, for example, uses a green button to entice users to get a discounted ticket. By using persuasive language and visuals, they have convinced their audience to act. The result? They’ve converted a visitor to become a paying customer. A similar technique works on IsItWP’s homepage. It features a lead magnet and an invitation to download a free eBook.

Remit uses a page to highlight its work. Their homepage features animated videos that rotate on a carousel. The call to action is easily visible against the background video. It’s easy to see which CTA your audience responded to best. It’s also important to have an idea of what the CTA is intended to do for your audience. Consider how a similar CTA might work on a different landing page.

The most compelling CTA on a landing page should be obvious and consistent with your brand’s personality. The CTA on G2’s homepage is striking because of its color scheme. And the word “free” is prominent and includes a clear benefit. This is what customers are looking for in a CTA. You may think Ahrefs should change the CTA to read “Start 7-Day Free Trial.”

If you want to drive leads and increase sales, make your call to action obvious. Your visitors may not be interested in what you’re looking for, so make your CTA visible by placing it on the navigation panel. This is also the best place for a CTA button because it’s easy to notice and skim through, and will encourage your visitors to take action. You can also use a Progressive CTA, which is above the fold and drives lead generation.

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